Individual Psychotherapy

A person may choose Psychotherapy when the distress in their lives needs deeper exploration and understanding. 
Psychotherapy often explores how early life experiences may be contributing to a person’s current emotional pain. With slow and steady time being given to a person’s unfolding process, they may discover new ways to be with and to make peace with what pains them.
Annie believes it is through a safe and consistent therapeutic relationship that enables a client’s awareness to grow, inner resources to be found and new choices to emerge. 
Psychotherapy differs from Counselling and EAP support in that a Psychotherapy client will usually attend on a weekly basis for a few months to several years.
Annie does not offer bi-weekly or monthly Psychotherapy Sessions to her clients as this is not in keeping with her traditional Psychodynamic training or her therapeutic working style. 

Insurance Providers & Psychotherapy 

Annie offers weekly Psychotherapy Sessions to all clients including those who may wish to use their insurance schemes to cover the cost in full/part of their treatment. 
It is the responsibility of each individual client to ensure their provider accepts an IACP recognised Psychotherapy practitioner. 
On completion of the insurance benefit, clients are welcome to continue their weekly Psychotherapy Sessions with Annie. 

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